Welcome to Jake's Fitness! 

I'm Jake Herman, and I operate a private fitness facility in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, where we offer one-on-one personalized training; tailored to each client's specific needs, goals, and fitness level.  

Focusing strongly on form, muscular balance, and posture, we will be employing techniques and exercises influenced by modern exercise science and biomechanics, Hatha Yoga, powerlifting, and high intensity interval training protocols, as well as more traditional bodybuilding and endurance exercises.

 Whether your goal is to pack on lean muscle, shred fat, or maintain healthy body-composition (and bone mineral density) as you get older (or a combination of the above), I'm sure we can design and implement a program to get you to where you want to be. No matter what your goals or current fitness level is,  we work with the needs of each individual, so feel free to reach out and ask me any questions you might have.

Possible Goals:

  • Increase muscle size and/or definition

  • Burn off extra fat

  • Improve balance and coordination

  • Reduce joint pain and increase flexibility

  • Fix abdominal posture and eliminate lower back pain

  • Speed up your metabolic rate and stay slim

  • Maintain health and posture throughout pregnancy

  • Prevent or mitigate BOne loss from Osteoporosis

  • Reduce stress and get better sleep


Prices are based on the competitive rate of $89 per session.  Regular clients are billed on a monthly basis and receive substantial discounts:

Plans include:

Four sessions a week 

 $1449 monthly. Four (or more) times a week is recommended for those looking for a drastic change in their body composition and/or lose more than 20 pounds of fat.  Some clients that are looking to pack on a large amount of muscle or lose a high volume of body fat even come in five or six days a week! (Avg. 17-18 sessions/month, approx. $83/session)


Three sessions a week

$1105 monthly. Three sessions a week is the most popular option for making steady fitness progress. This option gives us enough time to hit all of the key points: flexibility, muscular strength, posture correction, cardiovascular endurance and health. (Avg. 13 sessions/month, approx. $85/session)


Two sessions a week

$749 monthly.  For those of you that are already getting other regular exercise (like running, basketball, etc.), you may wish to supplement your routine with only two sessions per week. (Avg. mostly 9 sessions/month, approx. $87/session)


All packages come with free hydration during workouts and protein shakes after, to complete your session and jump-start your recovery.

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